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Founded in 1881.

Union Memorial Baptist Church of Westminster is one of the Historically Black churches located in Carroll County Maryland.

Our fore parents gathered at 298 E. Green Street Westminster, Maryland and resolved to set apart the place in which they stood as Holy Ground.

Union Memorial Baptist Church Incorporated, formerly deeded as Baptist Church for Colored People, was erected in 1881 under the guidance of the late Reverend Robert H. Young.

On March 28, 1977, Union Memorial Baptist Church collapsed due to a severe storm with heavy rains that weakened its foundation. On March 30, 1977, our church was condemned by the county.

Under Reverend Robert S. Jones, God supplied the means to erect the church at 160 S. Center Street. The first service was held in the new location on October 23, 1983.
The ultimate aim of a Christian Minister is to produce the love which springs from a pure heart, a good conscience and a genuine faith.  Timothy 1:5
The Legacy:
Reverend Robert H. Young                             Reverend Henry
Reverend Times                                                Reverend Rayford Gillard
Reverend George West                                    Reverend Robert Jones
Reverend King                                                   Reverend Henry Cook
Reverend Truhart                                             Reverend James E. Hinton
Reverend William Martin                               Reverend Edwin C. Smith
Reverend John W. Morse